Keeping Busy

What to do during isolation in a pandemic?

First of all, the main aim is to stay safe and that means staying inside and not taking any risks that may harm yourself or anyone else.

The good part of staying indoors is that I’ve had time to play games, watch films, listen to music, and write my new book!

My second book is currently with agents and my third one is around a third complete, currently sitting at 52,000 words. It’s keeping me busy and I love it!

Last week saw the release of Final Fantasy 7: Remake. The original game is the one game that pulls at my heartstrings no matter how many times I play it and even a few notes from the music in the game can hit me like a sledgehammer. Needless to say, I loved the remake. Took the story in a new direction whilst remaining as faithful as it needed to. I can’t wait to discover the rest of the world as the game continues!

On Friday, my favourite band, Enter Shikari, released their latest album: Nothing is True and Everything is Possible. The album is perfection and crosses the boundaries of genre in ways that I’ve not heard since peak Prodigy. Hopefully the album will achieve the success is truly deserves!

The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of things into perspective. I hope people have been able to realise the importance of those working in the health sector as well as education and other critical or ‘essential’ areas. Also, I think everyone truly understands the need for those working in creative industries and how these people help with the mental health of the nation.

Stay safe and keep busy as best you can. Watch films, listen to music and play games. There’ll never be a time like this again.


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