The past few months have flown by. I’ve managed to complete my third novel which is currently sitting at 175,000 words before I start editing. It’s the first book that I’ve written without having to pull out any of my hair. The characters and scenes came to me with ease, something which shocked me. Writing an epic fantasy novel with one POV would have intimidated me before, but now I can say that it is the novel that has given me the most pride and I can’t wait for people to read it. Finishing it felt like saying goodbye to a loved one (or should that be see you later?). It is the first novel in one I hope is one of two trilogies I have outlined.

Lockdown and the chaos of the world currently has been detrimental in so many ways but it is good to see people coming together to stand up for some important issues. There is a vital conversation currently taking place with the publishing industry, along with so many others, regarding the way POC are treated compared to white people. I hope that the light shining upon these wrongs will soon be righted and that we can all be treated equally. It was good to see the black lives matter movement take centre stage as football returned in England last night and I hope this focus continues instead of fading away as the pandemic continues.

I’ve recently returned to work full-time which has been amazing. Seeing the big smiles on the faces of the children able to return to school has reminded me of why I am a teacher. For a long time, I’ve wanted to use the knowledge gained in my job to write a children’s book and that is what I shall start doing this evening. My pace and volume of writing has increased massively during lockdown as I have tried to keep busy: 125,000 words in 2 months is something I am proud of but it is an anount that seems impossible for me to reach again whilst working full time. Nevertheless, I should be able to blast through my next novel in a month or so and hopefully my nieces and nephews can start reading my work at last!

I have two novels still out with agents so fingers crossed that there will be more movement over the next couple of months – it would be a dream to take the traditional publishing route though self-publishing has never been easier.

Another likely distraction from writing arrives tomorrow: Last of Us Part II is released and if it is in any way as engaging and emotional as the first, then it will be a masterpiece in storytelling and gameplay and it will swallow many hours of my life over the next few weeks!

As lockdown rules continue to ease, stay safe and keep reading! I’m currently reading The City of Brass and Gideon the Ninth. The Grey Bastards and Malice are on my list next so I should be good for the next month or so!


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