Feels as though we’re living through a strange apocalyptic film right now in the UK: many people aren’t taking advice and it’s only a matter of time before stricter measures are put in place to safeguard the vulnerable people most at risk with this horrible virus.

Working as a teacher means I’ll carry on as normal next week; less kids but same hours – maybe less days. In my spare time I’ll continue writing my third book and I have three more weeks left as part of my creative writing course with Cambridge University which has been incredible for the development of my fantasy writing. Disney+ is out on Tuesday and the remake of Final Fantasy 7 will keep me going from the start of April – anything to keep busy!

It really is an odd time to be living in the UK at the moment but if we all do what we can and follow the advice of social distancing, then I’m sure we will come out of this must more appreciative of the things we have and the people around us.

Stay safe and where possible, support local people and businesses who are crying out for support at the moment.


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