Today is a good day.

I started writing my first proper story around seven or eight years ago. It was just for fun – a tale of warriors fighting to defend their home from an evil empire: not original but I loved it.

Over the years I found it difficult to find time to finish the story. When living in Qatar, I finally finished it but it was a mess. As you change over the years, so does your writing style. It was a Frankenstein’s monster of a novel.

So, around 5 months ago, I scrapped it. All of it.

Big decision, but today (finally!) I finished that story.

The editing process begins now and then hopefully I’ll be able to find an agent that has as much passion for this story as I do. If not – it’ll be the self publishing route. Either way, my fantasy story will soon be out there for everyone to read!

It’s been a tough journey to get to this point but I feel that my writing has come on leaps and bounds.

Suppose I better start writing the next one…

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