The Hard Part

Finishing a book of any kind is an achievement. To anyone who has ever been able to accomplish that feat, you have my respect. It is a mammoth task that involves dedication, love and a touch of madness. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was the hard part out the way.


Editing. Brutally honest feedback from beta readers. And the truly hard part: querying.

For those new to the term: querying is the process of an attempt to get an agent who will work hard with you to get your book traditionally published. It involves sending a cover letter about yourself and your book, a short synopsis and often a sample of your writing. Easy right?

Er… no. I think it’s more difficult than actually writing the novel.

The hard part.

Thousands of people are sending agents fantasy submissions and the odds of being taken on are slim. Everthing you allow the agent to see has to be honed to perfection. It’s an exhausting part of the process but one which is necessary in order to be traditionally published.

You need tough skin. Rejection is never easy. Pouring your heart into your writing throughout months or years to then be rejected with an automated email can be heartbreaking – or it can be a good motivator.

Being rejected so far has been tough, but it has made me more focused, more determined to see my novel published and into the hands of readers who I know will enjoy the journey of a diverse group of characters in a world on the edge of a magical war.

This is the hard part: but resilience is a key part of being a writer. Don’t give up.

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