Time for an update

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic. Moving back to the UK from the Middle East, starting work teaching in a new school, and what seems like a thousand events with family and friends. Through it all, I’ve been querying my debut novel, BLOOD OF THE HERETIC, seeking an agent or publisher for the book. I’m not one to just sit and wait though.

Work on Book Two in THE BROKEN GODS TRILOGY has begun and I’ve enjoyed stepping back into the lives of Davrus Kane, Kiras and Sly as they continue on their journey. My favourite part of writing the second book has been opening the world up and having the chance to draw upon my travelling experiences as I create new kingdoms and cities.

Alongside the fantasy trilogy, I have also been writing a book in a completely different genre titled THE FAVOURITE SON. It’s a story that I’ve been thinking about writing for a while; it centres around a dysfuntional family, particularly three brothers, who are rocked by allegations of abuse at their father’s funeral. It’s a big departure from what I’ve written before but that in itself has been refreshing and I can’t wait to have it finished and start receiving feedback. At the moment, I’m around 15,000 words from the end of the novel but we’ll see how the final steps unfold.

Finally, I managed to meet Joe Abercrombie (my favourite fantasy author) in London again last week as he was signing his latest novel, A LITTLE HATRED. For any fans of fantasy, this title is a must read!

Watching: THE BOYS




Hopefully I’ll be able to start updating this blog on a more regular basis now I’m all settled in at work and back in England. If you have any questions, find me on twitter!


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