The Trouble With Peace

This month I will be reviewing Joe Abercromie’s latest novel – The Trouble With Peace.

The sequel to A Little Hatred picks up from the chaos and intrigue of the ending of that first novel in the Age of Madness trilogy.

Joe Abercromie is a master in his field. Half-jokingly titled Lord Grimdark, his novels set in the world of The First Law have been devoured by millions around the world for their dark tone and seemingly endless grim twists and turns. If you are a fan of Abercrombie, The Trouble With Peace is more of the same. It continues the turmoil and bloody paths that its characters started on in A Little Hatred and doubles down on the political intrigue and backstabbing. If you weren’t convinced by Abercrombie by now, chances are there isn’t much here that will convince you otherwise. It feels like more of the same with Abercrombie but I mean that in the best way possible. Dodgy deals, visceral battles, and a host of morally grey characters you just can’t help but root for – it is just what I wanted and more.

Abercrombie is known for his character work and clear voice amongst his range of POV characters. Rikke, Clover, Orso, and Leo are all clearly defined and develop in interesting ways that can surprise you, even when you have an awareness of some of Abercrombie’s favourite techniques. He still finds way to shock and amaze you and after a small lull in the middle section of the book, he drags you along for the wild third act that leaves you begging for the third and final book in the trilogy.

Though not hitting the dizzying heights of The Heroes and Best Served Cold, Abercrombie continues his stellar work in the Grimdark genre and manages to infuse his story with real-world issues such as coping with PTSD and the rise of the common man who is aware of the disparity between the rich and poor. The Trouble With Peace is another essential Fantasy novel for fans of the genre and now we can only wait to see how the exciting tale finishes.

Another wonderfully written novel from the master of the genre with interesting characters that hold a blade to your throat and force you to like them. 5/5

Say one thing for this book, say it is essential reading…


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